The Island

Meganisi is a small island in the Ionian Sea, located 4 nautical miles southeast of the island of Lefkas. While Meganisi means a huge island, that couldn’t be any further from the reality. Meganisi is actually one of the smallest Greek islands, with an area of 19.85 square kilometers. Meganisi belongs to Lefkas province and has three picturesque villages, namely Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori, each of distinctive charm. The island’s dense forests, the remote, wind-protected coves, crystal-blue water, tropical secluded beaches and deep sea caves create a place of rich natural beauty.
Meganisi is part of a larger island complex called “Tilevoides”,which consists of the islands Kastos, Kalamos, Thilia, Kithros, Atokos and Arkoudi. Composing the administrative district of the Municipality of Meganisi (Taphion).

The Villages of Meganisi

Spartochori is situated on top of a hill above port Spilia. Small traditional alleys, several coffee shops and tavernas invite tourists to experience the warmth of the Greek hospitality. Stefani, the village’s main square, provides breathtaking views of the Ionian sea, the mountains of Western Greece and the island of Scorpios.

Vathi is a lovely vilage, which is also the second port of the island. Tourists can spend their time walking on its quay, next to the fishing boats and the numerous yachts and sailing boats. There are plenty of tavernas where you can try Greek or international cuisine as well as coffee houses and bars.

Katomeri, is the island’s capital village. It is a rural area, full of olive trees, small houses and traditional streets full of flowers.

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